Restorative Health Foundation



To restore the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial health of individuals and their families.


Office located on the third floor of the Restorative Gathering Place at 5515 Germantown Avenue nestled in the Historic Germantown Section of Philadelphia.

Restorative Gathering Place

Restorative Gathering Place powered by Restorative Health Foundation is a unique three-story space with an eclectic character vibe.



The Gathering Place can be used for rentals of workshop/conference space, temporary or permanent office space. Office space can be rented for a number of hours per day entire day, weekly, monthly or permanent office space.


The Gathering Place has a resource library holding not only many useful books but community resources as well.


Our two gathering suites are very cozy and modern, along with the kid zone located on the third story, full kitchen, three bathrooms one in which has two showers.


The possibilities of using the gathering space are endless from getting dressed for an event to hosting your event downstairs in the conference or living area space.


The Gathering place can be used for networking meetings, intimate bridal shower, podcast hostings, filming and virtual set ups for meetings to name a few. Instructors can host music or story telling workshops in the kid zone or host movie night for an intimate kid birthday party.

Restorative Gathering Place

Contact Felicia Wilson-Bell Director of theFoundation and Gathering Place for moreinformation about space rental.